Smartest - Reagent for diagnosis of infectious diseases
HTLV Elisa test reagent ready to use, fast and easy procedure, high sencibilidad and specificity.
SmarTest - Pipettes
Plunger fixed or variable. Diferents colors. Easy adjustment of volumes with just rotate the plunger. Accuracy and high presicion. Easy calibration and maintenance.
The MISSION of the Department of Marketing and Sales of UNIVERSAL SD, is working in an integrated manner with innovative capacity, offering products of the highest quality to the full satisfaction of our customers. We have a team identified, trained and committed to serving our customers to meet and resolve all their needs. We practice a philosophy of service, with total quality and excellence, to achieve high levels of competitiveness. UNIVERSAL SD wager on diversification in this regard the companies we represent offers us this possibility with its product range for health.
Clinotech Diagnostics & Pharmaceuticals inc.
It is a completely private company with research, development, production and distribution. The products are aimed at Market Clinical Laboratory. There are more than 10 years in the World Market. Join Venture in Product Development. This degree in Canada and has all the authorization and certification of the case.
Elisa test for Chagas III, is a solid phase immunoassay test to detect serum antibodies directed against Trypanosoma cruzi, causative agent of Chagas disease.
In this trial, antigen is used as a mixture of extracts from different strains of Trypanosoma cruzi, which also increases significantly the sensitivity of the test. Reagents ready to use.
Shanghai Kehua
Bio-engineering Co.,Ltd.

China First Company to develop and commercialize EIA kits for HBV, Anti Anti HIV and HCV. Continuously seen as ¨High Tech Company? by the government since 1993. Recognized as one of the 50 companies with excellence in China. Leader in the Chinese market for 12 consecutive years. List by WHO, UNICEF program for HIV control. It is the only company in china to provide reagents for the Clinton Foundation HIV worldwide.
Lorne Laboratories

Kawasumi Laboratories America
Development in England for Blood Bank and services, we have blood groups and more.
The Japanese giant now with the blood bags for the bank.

Shanghai Kehua has the following lines
EIA kits for detecting AntiHAV-IgM
EIA kits for the detection of HBC
EIA kits for the detection of Anti-HCV
EIA kits for detecting Anti-HIV-1/HIV-2 variant 0
Reagents Clinical Biochemists
Rapid test kits for HBV, HIV, etc.
Real-time PCR kits for HBV, HCV, HIV, SARS ..
Other (typing reagents, RPR, etc.).
All reagents ready to use Therapeutic Drug rhEPO.
Instrumentation: Reader, washer, biochemical analysers, PCR amplification, device extraction of nucleic acid

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