Semiautomatic development of standard curves, multi-channel, low use of reagent, QC and optional electronic pipette.
Nefelometry - Delta
Automated System for identification of proteins in serum, plasma, CSF, urina. It can be operated on a random (random), batch, profile, continuous access, STAT. The evidence is based on reactions and immunprecipitation immunaglutination
We have equipment and reagents for hemogramas with 3 or 5 strains, either full or semi-automated, for whole blood or predilution, color-connected PCs, printers, multi-alarms

Alisei - Technology processing Elisa
Welcome to the new generation of equipment for processing Elisa, Alisei is the result of development of aerospace of SEAC, Italian company known worldwide for its automation equipment in the medical branch. Alisei consists of 6 media for microplates, which allows us to run up to 24 simultaneous test, chilled reagents, process up 730 samples, with recognition of bar code, two needles for the procedure, software, QC and many more options that make Alisei the most reliable and innovative tool for our work.

dsBlood Bank and Laboratory
Years of experience gives us the possibility of providing the best equipment and variety to your laboratory and blood bank as: Teams automated Elisa, reader, washing Microplate, autotagging samples, urine analyzer, blood collection monitors, sealers , automatic blood components extractor, centrifuges of all kinds (chilled, microhematocrit, etc.), blood bag rotators and mores.
dsRefrigeration: We have the representation of lines of the highest quality in cooling as Fiocchetti (pioneers of the mark), GrupoBios and more. Offering simbles refrigerators, double, blood bank, freezers, for plasma, ultra freezers, portable freezer at -86 C, machines for making ice rooms, autopsy equipment, mortuary chambers, parts, accessories and more.

Biochemical: Various brands we support, we have semiautomatics, with toch display screen (touch screen), internal windows, colors, USB ports, SD memory reader, a PC connection, even with automated processing up to 200 tests per hour, QC, calibration, various methods, 8 filters, etc..
Universal SD has equipments for:

 Blood Bank




 Hematology and Coagulation.


 Nefelometry much more.
All Universal SD equipments have certifications.
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