Clinotech Diagnostics & Pharmaceuticals Inc is engaged in research and development, production and distribution of reagents, therapeutic and medical products around the world. Focused its attention on early detection and monitoring of human diseases and also giving treatment and cure for them. The products have all certifications such as ISO, CE, GMP, FDA, etc.
Equipo Automatizado de Elisas Alisei
Last generation processors automatic microplate, consists tray with 6 microplates, cooling reagents, bar code, etc.
KHB Shanghai Kehua
has 25 years experience in biochemistry and more than 10 at diagnosis. Kehua is one of the official suppliers of WHO, UNICEF and the Clinton Foundation. It has several certifications and distributors around the world. It works in conjunction with Toyobo, Mitsubishi, Sysmex, etc.
Blood Bank Software UNIBLOOD - Universal SD SAC
It is the result of sustained development bioengineering department that was born in 2006 in line with peruvian reality because this was developed under the guidelines of PRONAHEBAS.

UNIBLOOD is a set of programs, specific hardware, security systems and structural support and professional that are capable of providing automation and security within our work environment. UNIBLOOD is updated according to the needs and requirements of regulatory agencies, also has the peculiarity of adapting the user therefore develop special statistics for each institution. It allows audits to monitor all the links in the chain transfusion, making monitoring of transfused bags and avoiding possible confusion. With all this we can say with UNIBLOOD blood safer for all Peruvians.
Compatible with all Windows operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2005 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000, Windows Millenium, Windows 98, Windows 95.

Donor Chair UNIVERSAL SD SAC Delux II This chair is designed especially for hemodonors.

Fine and resistant comes in a very wide range of colors and tastes of the user. Very comfortable and retaining their shape makes the donation a very comfortable now with the evolution of the deluxe model II, we get an armchair tyre, capable of supporting up to 150 kilograms. You can put in a position to Trendelemburg. It has adjustable chrome arm moving to user level. Corps cash. Compact design for easy transport.
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